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Voted "Best Pizza, " Best Mom & Pop Place" 

& Selected "New Business Of The Year"

We are so proud of 

our perfect score for 

the third time in a row!

Thank you to our staff

GREAT JOB !!! Pete

Come on in y'all......we treat ya like family

New Business of the Year....Thank Ya'll....We couln't have done it without you

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Welcome to Lake Gaston Pizza's Web Site

Voted "Best Pizza" on Lake Gaston 2nd Year in a Row

Thank you for visiting our web site. We're happy to provide you with the freshest ingredients available as well as fresh pizza dough made daily. We hand craft all of our specialty sauces and use authentic Italian spices and ingredients. So help yourself to a FRESH, HOT Pizza or any one of our other items available on the menu. We look forward to meeting you and establishing a long lasting friendship. 

2017 Community Champion of the Year

Presented by Christina Wells

Runner-Up               Pete Richardson with Lake-A-Palooza

This year we adjusted our former Non-Profit of the Year category to better reflect the types of organizations that are truly making an impact here in the Lake Gaston region. Although our runner-up this year would not traditionally fit the category of a non-profit, civic group or church, the vast impact created by this community-oriented event cannot be denied and deserves recognition. This event takes place on what is considered summer’s grand finale weekend and is one of the largest crowd-drawing events at Lake Gaston. Better still this event is designed not just for fun on the lake, but to raise funds for individuals and their families in our community who need help, as well as the non-profit group Harvest 4 Heroes that gives to our wounded war heroes.

Despite facing the challenge of potential inclement weather and North Carolina’s infamous hurricane season each year, the event organizer coordinates entertainment, a silent auction and a raffle to name a few. All this is done while running a busting business too. For these reasons and many more, we are proud to recognize Lake-A-Palooza and organizer Pete Richardson as our 2017 Community Champion of the Year runner-up.

 Specials 3-23 thru 3-29

App’s:  Boneless Chicken Wings                   ( w/ Bang Bang, Wasabi Ranch or 2K Sauce )

           Fried Mushrooms or Zucchini 

                  ( w/ Bang Bang, Wasabi Ranch or 2K Sauce )

    Soups:  She Crab Bisque

                Chicken -N- Dumplin's   

          ( w/ Grilled Cheese or Sweet Southern Cornbread )                             Quarts Available

   Salad : Caesar Salad     

                      (  Fresh Cut Romaine w/ Grated Parmesan)

        Add Grilled Shrimp or Grilled Chicken

   Sandwich: Shrimp or Oyster                                  Po' Boy                                                ( w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Tartar or Cocktail )

                         Fish or Shrimp Tacos

                         ( Lettuce, Cheese, Mango Salsa & Slaw )

                       Chicken or Tuna Melt                 ( On Pretzel Bun w/ Cheddar Cheese & Side of  Slaw )

  Entree:  Hand Breaded Fried                       Select Oyster Platter                          ( w/ Fries, Pups & Slaw ) Cocktail or Tartar

         Hand Breaded Shrimp or                      Fish Platter   

                    ( w/ Fries, Pups & Slaw ) Cocktail or Tartar

      Country Fried Steak Platter

                (w/ Veggies, taters & Gravy)

             Pork Chop Platter

               (w/ Veggies, taters & Gravy)

   Dessert : Homemade Banana                        Pudding                    

                  ( Rich and Creamy….like Grandma made )  

Serving Beer and Wine On &                Off Premises

We're proud to be the only restaurant to serve Red Oak Brewery's Finest Brews...the only way to get it on Lake Gaston

It's Finally Here...

We've got our own BEER...

It's an Amber Bock that totally Rocks at 9% ALV/VOL

We call it ....


Pete calls it....

Nectar of the God's